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Despite many efforts ...

picture source : Spiegel.TV Küste vor Hong Kong

Can you imagine how much that is?

By 2050, the amount of plastic in the ocean will outweigh the fish, according to a

2016 report. (1) The report also estimates that there are currently 150 million tonnes

of plastic in the ocean, and this amount is increasing by around 8 million tonnes per

year. That's around 133333 big military tanks, 1.6 million African elephants, or 3.5 million

Teslas per year.

It looks like a huge problem, and it is, but there's a lot we can do about it.

If we're still developing technologies every day might as well do it to fix what we

ruined in the past. And that's, with all your support, where we take part.

We are creating high-performance underwater vehicles with electric and

hydrogen-powered motors that operate more efficiently than anything previously

seen, along with our robotics firm (R&D).

But it's all nothing without your take on it. We value your voice and advice as a

contributor and your work as an employee.

It's time to take matters into our hands, get to work and clean our oceans.

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