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With a membership you are part of the team - go on a trip with us to Africa, Asia, Latin America or Australia... 

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T.: +41 (0) 41 763 1734 / E.:

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Ocean Quest International AG

Technopark Liechtenstein, Schaanerstrasse 27, 9490 Vaduz

Legal protection ARAG. 

All data entered will only be saved for our project and will not be passed on to anyone else (third parties)!

Become a member and part of our family

We are constantly looking for like-minded people who would like to join us. As a premium member, you have the chance to take part in our missions abroad, to control professional and heavy drones, to learn how to use diving robots and for students and job seekers we will provide you with first-hand information about current vacancies. Depending on your qualifications, you can join us immediately as an employee or first try out future tasks through trainee programs.

The amount of the membership fee as a standard member is up to you. He should pay at least 25 US  for one year (from receipt of payment). be dollars. This is approximately the amount of administrative effort. You will also receive an e-mail address with a mailbox with us and regular newsletters and will be informed about all events. As a premium member, we ask you to transfer at least 100 US dollars to cover the administrative costs. 

For those who just want to stay informed, a free standard membership is sufficient! Please register anyway, as some of the newsletters also contain sensitive information. 

Here is our bank details

IBAN   CH5508781000046686700

Clearing   08781

EuroSIC   SIC087812


If you would like to use the money for your membership for a specific area, you can choose from the following areas today:

- Oceans

- Coasts

- Rivers

- Manganese nodules

- Robotics

- AI

- Underwater glider

- Flight & Diving drone

- XXL Beach Robot


Choose a topic and add it to your “Subject” field. THANK YOU !

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