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Join us in Tanzania & Namibia

In Tanzania there are millions of plastic bottles in all areas that we want to collect with the help of the local population.

The coastline from Namibia to Cape Town is ideal for planting kelp forests. We have already built some greenhouses for growing seaweed and we find a simple but great idea to propagate it...


Algae are particularly effective at absorbing CO2. The only thing that is missing is the arable land. We can remedy the situation. Unfortunately, the bays we cleared of rubbish are dead and devoid of flora and fauna. It will take many years for life to develop here again. An ideal area to colonize algae on thousands of square kilometers worldwide and almost free of charge.

In the background the alga Chlorella (Source Spiegel)


One of our Future Projects ...._____________
Planting Kelp Forests from Namibia to Cape Town


Source: The Environmenter

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