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We can use any help !


If this project is successful and we get enough support, it will become a global mega-project with hundreds of employees and an estimated volume of 180  million euros for the first three phases. But like everywhere, we have to start small first. You can already help us a lot by emailing us your tips and advice. You are also welcome to forward the link from our website to your acquaintances, friends and followers.

If you want to work with us - you are more than welcome! Below is a first list of jobs that we have to fill. It is important for you to know that the current ramp-up phase is about a traineeship, which will give you a pool position as soon as we have enough budget and can hire permanent employees.

We have already financed hundreds of thousands of euros from our own funds. The next step is therefore to collect funds from large institutions and in 2023 also via crowd funding. 

Any age group is welcome 

Any country is welcome 

People with disabilities are welcome 

Locals are welcome 

Every contribution, no matter how small, is valuable

For marketing we are looking for:
- Support for our web page

- Support for launch on Facebook

- Support for launching on Twitter

- Support for launching on Youtube

NGO experts wanted for:

- Advice on founding an official NGO

- Advice on choosing a founding country

- Advice on all sorts of topics in the field of NGOs (pitfalls, etc.)

- Advice on a hybrid approach: NGO & embedded business unit

For the management we are looking for:

- Founder Genes

- English + any other language

- about 15 - 20 people with enthusiasm and passion

- At least 30 years old with experience in project management

- willing to invest time above all


Advice on virtually any subject that could cause us legal difficulties is most welcome

Ship superstructures, submarine construction, beach buggy

We are looking for a shipyard for the Ocean Crawler

Manufacturing of special nets

We need several prototypes before these nets can be replicated with natural fibers in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Expert know-how is always welcome here

protection of marine animals

We are always looking for oceanographers, biologists and marine geologists who want to work with us

Satellite evaluation and Internet research

Our evaluations are still very laborious due to the resolution. Suggestions are always welcome

Online shop

Here we could at least offer a profit margin for the operator...

Such beaches must be preserved

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