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Join us in Goa, India, 2024

Why Goa ? 

Every meter of beach sand in Goa has an average 25.47g of plastic. The total litter, including nylon fishing nets, glass, e-waste, Styrofoam and Thermocol, is 205.75g/m2 — the highest in the country.

In spring 2024, we are planning our greatest project so far in Goa, India, with the use of our underwater and air drones, our new XXL Beach Bot and of course – with the support of local people.

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From Classic Technology to the use of Robots in Goa

Kamel in der Wüste

coastal areas

In the area of coastal areas and estuaries, it is primarily about pragmatic solutions that can recover the largest possible volume of plastic, garbage and rubbish in a short time. 

For example, it makes no sense for robots to be used first and foremost in regions such as Africa, Far East Asia and Latin America if the many unemployed people in these countries can be given new job prospects as an alternative. Ideally, thousands can be helped to earn an income in this way. For inaccessible areas, special ships and networks are still required, which can then also be controlled remotely or, similar to our underwater vehicles, operated autonomously with AI. 

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